Trempel Films
Berlin Critics' Week
Germany, 2016
Odessa International Film Festival
Ukraine, 2016
Pessac festival
France, 2016
Honfleur Film Festival
France, 2016

After his mother sudden death her son Alexander discovers that he knows nothing about her life, her youth and her past. The mystery of her death puzzles him. Accidentally he finds in his mother's apartment old papers and some old film reels.Found papers turn out to be the diaries of a film director who was in love with his mother while shooting one of his films in the studio of Odessa. Alexander absorbs himself into past lives to understand the relations of unknown people. The story is about lost love, buried hopes, lost old movies – the only witnesses of this drama.



Countries of production
Ukraine, France

Directed by
Igor Minaev

Scripted by
Igor Minaev, Olha Mykhaylova

Produced by
Irina Duport, Igor Minaev, Iurii Leuta

Director of photography
Senda Bonnet

Kevin Boise, Gabrielle Lazure, Liliia Ohiyenko, Borys Nevzorov, Lembit Ulfsak, Mykola Tokar

Director's statement
Igor Minaev was born in 1954 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Was studing at Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film and TV n.a. Karpenko-Kary, feature film department, 1977. Works and lives in Paris.

2018 - The Cacophony of Donbas
2015 - Blue Dress
2006 - Away from Sunset Boulevard
2002 - Moonlight Meadows
1995 - The Flood
1991 - The Underground Temple of Communism
1990 - Ground floor (Сannes Film Festival)
1988 - Cold March (Сannes Film Festival)

The story of Blue Dress was inspired by three short films which I directed from 1977 to 1985 and that were censured by Soviet authorities. The negatives were destroyed and their titles were excluded from Odessa Film Studio as if they had never existed. They had never been screened in the cinemas as well. Luckily I managed to save positives of these three films which were for more than 30 years kept under the bed. In 2015 I short Blue Dress which comprises extracts of these old short films.
Igor Minaev
Press release