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Trempel Films is a Ukrainian production company that was established in 2015. The company's main activity is to produce and distribute high quality feature and documentary films. We are aimed at collaboration with foreign companies producing films and TV content. The strategic direction of the company is to carry out the co-production projects with the countries of Western and Eastern Europe. Our important task is to bring the contemporary issues of Ukrainian society to the local and foreign viewers. With the help of co-production projects to promote better integration of Ukrainian film products into the world cultural context.
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On the Other Side
In development / Ukraine / 90 min / Drama

Director Iurii Leuta
Script: Iurii Leuta, Natalia Blok
Producer Iurii Leuta
Composer Vadim Sher
Director of photography Valeriy Makhnyov
Production designer Yuriy Hrihorovitch
Contacts: +380 63 6117630

Victor is a school-graduate in a small town in Donbass. He falls in love with his teacher Anna. Everyone in town become hostile to their relationships and especially to Anna who lives on the enemy's side of the war…

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The Cacophony of Donbass
2018 / Ukraine / 62 min / Documentary

Scripted & Directed by Igor Minaev
Produced by Iurii Leuta
Music by Vadim Sher
Director of photography Volodimir Pallik
Editor Olexander Podoprigora

"The Cacophony of Donbas" is a film about the elite of the working class of USSR — the miners of Donbas. The soviet propaganda had created such a false parallel reality that one day the situation had exploded and the war started. Life promised to be a symphony of work, joy and well-being, but it turned out to be deceit and manipulation. There are no illusions left. "The Symphony of Donbas" has turned into "The Сacophony of Donbas".

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2016 / Ukraine, France / 10 min / Drama Fiction

Directed by Iurii Leuta
Scripted by Sacha Tarantovich
Produced by Yves Kohen & Iurii Leuta
Music by Vadim Sher
Director of photography Senda Bonnet
Cast Sacha Tarantovich, Alexander Saif, Gloria Sovran, Yannis Baraban

A young woman of Russian descent, divorced from a Frenchman, decides to kidnap her five-year-old son, whom she doesn't have custody of. Her ex-husband returns home to find her about to kidnap the boy. During their settling of scores, they forget the most important thing: their son.

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Blue Dress
2015 / Ukraine, France / 85 min / Drama

Directed by Igor Minaev
Scripted by Igor Minaev, Olha Mykhaylova
Produced by Irina Duport, Igor Minaev, Iurii Leuta
Director of photography Senda Bonnet
Cast Kevin Boise, Gabrielle Lazure, Liliia Ohiyenko, Borys Nevzorov, Lembit Ulfsak, Mykola Tokar

After his mother sudden death her son Alexander discovers that he knows nothing about her life, her youth and her past. The mystery of her death puzzles him. Accidentally he finds in his mother's apartment old papers and some old film reels. Found papers turn out to be the diaries of a film director who was in love with his mother while shooting one of his films in the studio of Odessa. Alexander absorbs himself into past lives to understand the relations of unknown people. The story is about lost love, buried hopes, lost old movies — the only witnesses of this drama.

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