"On the Other Side" Film Website
"The world is not destroyed by villains and conflagrations, but by hate and malice…"
Anton Chekhov

A film by Iurii Leuta

Victor is a school-graduate in a small town in Donbass. He falls in love with his teacher Anna. Everyone in town become hostile to their relationships and especially to Anna who lives on the enemy's side of the war…
"In our theatre we have the stage performance "Classmates" based on a play by Polish playwright Tadeusz Slobodzianek. It is about the pain, about the truth, about the things that might prevent us from repeating the horrible mistakes of our past. The play is always sold-out for every performance. Because people really need the straightforward conversation about it they really need to be 'vaccinated'. I think, the screenplay of 'On the Other Side' is just about the same emerging things" – says Maria Pashkurova-Petrenko.

Maria Pashkurova-Petrenko
Anna, a school teacher
"This is a story that makes you look wider at our world. A story that seizes you and doesn't let go for a long time. A story that takes off your pink glasses and reminds you of the horror we are currently living in" – comments Mykhaylo Dzyuba.

Mykhaylo Dzyuba
Viktor, a school graduate
Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Son (2016), From Carpathians to Paris with Accordion (2014), Gamlet (2011)

"The plot of "On the Other Side" film is aimed to limelite the damaging force of the hatred and to show the audience how it is capable to damage not only the social bonds but also people’s fates, once it’s pierced inside the society. I think it is important to tell people true and emerging stories, to raise attention and discourse on the tough questions, to encourage the society to self psychoanalysis. Sooner or later the war is over, however, does anyone know how to build bridges of mutual understanding?" - Yuri Leuta on the relevance of our film.
Valeriy Makhnyov
Director of Photography
Chekhov’s Motifs (2002), The Desert (1991)

"I liked the love story of a school graduate and his teacher on the background of what’s happening in Donbas now. On the one hand, such a relationship may seem immoral on the other hand, the all-consuming power of love rescues the main characters from a horrible reality and hatred that surrounds them. "Love is what drives the sun and the luminaries" - Yevhen Bohat once wrote. I look forward to start working on the film with our great crew as soon as possible" - says Valeriy Makhnyov.
Yuriy Hrihorovych
Production Designer
Foxter & Max (2019), Stasis (2017), Battle for Sevastopol (2015), The Red Queen (2015), The House (1997)

"I liked the plot and the main idea of the project right away. The inhabitants of one town who had been recently friends and neighbours, are now ready to destroy each other because of the hatred imposed on them. This theme is worth being developed and told to the wide audience through a feature film" - says Yuriy Hrihorovych.
Natalia Blok
"This project has many layers, I think. It not only tells a story of impossible love between a teacher and a school-graduate who both live in war zone but also shows us, Ukrainians, that we are lack of love and mutual understanding. This war separates us by all possible means, such as ideology, nationality or territory. But we have to save our love for each other because it is the only way for us to remain humans and survive," — Natalia Blok explains the meaning of our film to her.
Vadym Sher
The Cacophony of Donbas (2018), Blue Dress (2016), Far from Sunset Boulevard (2005)

"Music of the war can’t be merry but there’re always notes of hope in it. The proportion of those in the film is one of the challenges for me as a composer. People souls framed in the terrible conditions of life, how do they sound like? Is there any light inside them despite their conservatism, their prejudices and hatred? How does the harmony of love survives in the noise of the missiles and dissonanсe of envy and hatred? There’re many questions I have to answer to make an adequate sound-track for the film. But even now at the starting point I am definitely sure there won’t be two separate sides, as they are one solid melody," — says Vadym Sher on the work on "On the Other Side"
Tetiana Ditkovska
Executive Producer
The Stronghold (2017), Battle for Sevastopol (2015), Brothers: The Final Confession (2013), Match (2012), Innocent Saturday (2011)

Trempel Films with support from Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Feature Film

Running Time

90 min